What if our problems have less to do with our answers than our questions?

God is not a resource.  He is a ruler.  He doesn’t live in our world.  We live in his.  Thinking Christian considers the way we normally think about God, ourselves, and the world while challenging Christians to offer a faithful testimony to a world that needs to know God.

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The Reviews Are In

Thinking Christian is a book about Christian action and all the care it takes for believers to act together as we display the character of God.

Sarah Sumner
President | Right On Mission

After reading this, I spent time using James Spencer's framework to reflect more on how and why Christians think the way they do as well as how we need to adapt in the future. I definitely gained some new tools and lenses to mentor the next generation better.

Samantha Postman
Founder and CEO | SmartArrow Inc.

“I resonated immediately with the chapter on terrible simplification because our Christianity compels us not to do that, to think in more complex terms with a complex God. If nothing else just buy it, go straight to the chapter on terrible simplification and read it.

Alin Vrancila
Academic Dean | Multnomah University

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