Make Disciples.


By partnerning with denominations and local churches, the Make Disciples Initiative seeks to support local congregations as they pursue the Great Commission to go and make disciples.  We don’t just theorize about discipleship or create a new discipleship program. We want to help churches make discipleship their core mission.

New England.

Despite its rich Christian heritage, New England has become a challenging place to proclaim the gospel. Of the top twenty cities identified as those having rejected a traditional Christian worldview by Barna, fourteen are in New England. New England is home to highly influential colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, Boston College, MIT, and many others. These schools produce those who will be leaders in the next generation. These bright women and men need to know Christ.

New England’s challenges have not stopped the New England church.  God’s people continue to press forward. Small churches and bi-vocational pastors continue to stand faithfully for Christ. Decade-long prayer movements, a dedication to evangelism and discipleship, and an overwhelming sense of hope for a new season of spiritual revival, demonstrate the resilient faith of the church in New England.  These embattled, faithful churches need help to make disciples who will proclaim the gospel in New England.

John Harvard statue

How It Works

The Make Disciples initiative is not an educational program.  It is a collaborative consulting engagement in which local churches come together to help one another make discipleship the core mission of local congregations.

Tailored Strategy | Guided Implementation | Six Online Discipleship Forums | Two On-Site Planning Sessions | Opportunities for Supplemental Study and Coursework




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