Faithful Resilience

Faithful Resilience

When my wife and I started our family, we made three major commitments: (1) we would help them cultivate a thoughtful, informed faith in Christ, (2) our marriage would not revolve around our kids, and (3) our kids would always be able to depend on us…but we would make room for them to feel the difficulties of life’s challenges.

After listening to the linked podcast, I’ve been thinking back on how well my wife and I have done at #3. Striking the right balance between protecting our kids from unnecessary discomfort and pain and allowing them to feel necessary discomfort and pain isn’t always easy. I am quite sure I have missed the mark numerous times across my 13 years as a father. I’ve been too protective in some cases, not enough in others. My hope is that, despite my mistakes, God would bless my kids with a faithful resilience that will allow them to combat anxiety and find rest and peace as God’s children.

Even as I look back on the mistakes I’ve made, I’m thankful that my wife and I made the commitments we did. If you have a Gen Z’er or if you work with youth or parents, I would encourage you to listen to the podcast linked here and/or to pick up The Coddling of the American Mind. I found both to be quite thought provoking and helpful as I (re)consider how to best help my children develop faithful resilience as disciples of Christ.

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