Elizabeth Smith

I’m typically “all in”. Rarely do I do anything half-way. As such, I am all about diving in and seeing what happens. This sometimes gets me into trouble – but usually, because I strive to be grounded biblically and theologically, I end up enjoying an adventure. These adventures come in all shapes and sizes and are really just a series of Teachable Moments.

My family is probably my biggest adventure; I got married in 1989 to my Best Friend, Brian, and God gave us three children in three-and-a-half years. They are all now young adults, finishing college, getting married and taking on their worlds. In being a Wife and Mom, I have accumulated more teachable moments than any one person probably ever should have.

My second adventure involves my education in Counseling and Theology. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois, a Senior Pastor’s Wife, a College Professor, and the Founder of this site. I thrive on taking all God has given to me in study and life’s teachable moments and pass them on.

My third adventure is filled with the people God has brought into my life. Friends both new and old challenge me to be the best Christ-follower I can be; I love God with all my heart and want to worship Him well. I trust His sovereign plan and want to pick up all the jewels of wisdom embedded within the Teachable Moments He has decreed just for me. My friends and family point me to Christ and I am grateful for each of them.

And now I begin my Fourth big adventure – writing a blog. Thank you in advance for joining me as I explore Teachable Moments. I look forward to what God has awaiting for us.

From all of the above, I’d suggest that what is most important about me is not what I know, what roles I play or where I’ve studied. The most important thing about me is He who has made Himself known to me; Jesus will always be the best part of who I am

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