Elizabeth Smith, God Never Changes…But My Family Always Does

Do the ever-changing parenting advice books and blogs make you feel like raising your children is an impossible task? In God Never Changes But My Family Always Does, Elizabeth Smith proves having a God-informed, developmentally-educated view of the child will lead to wise parenting. From infancy through young adulthood, become practically equipped to know how you and your children will better know and grow in God through each life stage. Biblical, practical, and relevant, this book will help you develop a new mindset with powerful principles and tips whether you are a parent or work with children in a school or church.

“Having a God-informed, developmentally-educated view of the child will lead to wise parenting.” So writes Elizabeth Smith, one of the top Children’s experts in the country who I was honored to have worked alongside for several years. This outstanding book is indeed a powerful blend of how to view the God who gives us children, and specifics on how that child grows and thrives. You’ll find an amazing helpful blend of biblical insights and important developmental milestones for every age and stage of parenting. From newborns through young adulthood, this an invaluable tool for parents across the parenting spectrum. When our two daughters call one day with the news they’re going to be parents, this is the book my wife and I are going to be shipping them the next day. I urge you to do the same if you’re a parent, or love someone who’s about to start the parenting journey.”

– John Trent, Ph.D., President,, Co-Author of The Blessing and The Two Sides of Love

James Spencer, Thinking Christian: Essays on Testimony, Accountability, and the Christian Mind

Does God look more like us, or de we look more like Him? To what extent are we pulling God into our own agendas rather than allowing Him to transform the way we think about the world? Are we limiting our imagination by limiting God and the possibilities a life with Him might provide? These and other important questions lie behind the essays in this book. In seeking to reflect theologically on matters such as testimony, accountability, power, and Christian thought more generally, we may find that many of our problems as a Christian community have less to do with our answers and more to do with our questions. Perhaps by looking at the issues we face from different perspectives God’s people can learn to please God together.

“Dr. James Spencer is a great thinker. In this book he identifies current Christian thinking and turns them around in his hands while writing about what he sees. He talks about “Christian thinking” directly, indirectly, side to side, forward and backwards, and inside and out.”

– Samantha Postman, Founder and CEO, Smart Arrow, Inc.

Bryan C. Babcock, James Spencer, and Russell L. Meek, Trajectories: A Gospel-Centered Introduction to Old Testament Theology

Trajectories addresses the challenge of viewing the Bible as a unified whole through a biblical orientation to the study of Old Testament theology. Thematically organized chapters address many of the major themes of the Old Testament. Each chapter analyzes key biblical passages that inform the theme in question so that the textbook may serve as a companion study guide to courses in the Old Testament. In addition, the exploration of thematic topics allows the study to better provide a link to the New Testament and the contemporary church.

“Biblical Theology at its best . . . Firmly rooted in the witness of Scripture, focused on Christ, connected to contemporary faith and life.”

– Mark J. Boda, Professor of Old Testament, McMaster Divinity College

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