Elizabeth Smith’s, God Never Changes…But My Family Always Does

“Having a God-informed, developmentally-educated view of the child will lead to wise parenting.” So writes Elizabeth Smith, one of the top Children’s experts in the country who I was honored to have worked alongside for several years. This outstanding book is indeed a powerful blend of how to view the God who gives us children, and specifics on how that child grows and thrives. You’ll find an amazing helpful blend of biblical insights and important developmental milestones for every age and stage of parenting. From newborns through young adulthood, this an invaluable tool for parents across the parenting spectrum. When our two daughters call one day with the news they’re going to be parents, this is the book my wife and I are going to be shipping them the next day. I urge you to do the same if you’re a parent, or love someone who’s about to start the parenting journey.”

– John Trent, Ph.D., President, StrongFamilies.com, Co-Author of The Blessing and The Two Sides of Love

James Spencer’s, Thinking Christian: Essays on Testimony, Accountability, and the Christian Mind

“If the words “Thinking Christian” sound like an oxymoron, that is not because Christian thinking does not exist.  It is rather because the Church has let itself get distracted from its mission of faithfully revealing Who God is to the world.  In short, Thinking Christian is a book about Christian action and all the care it takes for believers to act together as we display the character of God. 

James Spencer has done his homework.  He quotes liberally from countless authors, not to display his own research, but rather to share the wisdom he has found. Indeed, thinking in community with other believers is part of Christian thinking.“

– Dr. Sarah Sumner, President, Right On Mission


Bryan C. Babcock, James Spencer, and Russell L. Meek, Trajectories: A Gospel-Centered Introduction to Old Testament Theology

“Here is a book well worth reading. The authors provide a masterful road for the average reader who wishes to understand the teaching of major Old Testament themes, their understanding by the writers of the New Testament, and their essential meaning for today. From creation to the digital age, we are introduced to the great works of God and the means by which we can interpret this largest part of the Bible as a valuable resource in our faith and life.” 

– Richard S. Hess, Professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary

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