Displaying the wisdom of God by engaging in wise practices…practices that appear foolish to the world…makes Christians strange. Yet, as strange as Christians may be, we are seldom strange enough, or, perhaps, not strange in the right ways.

James Spencer, Thinking Christian Tweet

Crazy Different

In a fast-paced world where small bits of information come at us non-stop, Crazy Different believes growth won’t come without time and depth. As such, we strive to offer more substantive content that evaluate issues from different angles that offer unique perspectives. To do so means that we publish less content that challenges God’s people to be the right kind of strange. Our goal is to create content worth waiting for.

We also believe that theology is not an end in itself, but is the best place to start. Crazy Different seeks to develop deeply theological thought that seeks to ensure that who God truly is isn’t hidden behind who we conceive him to be.


Thinking Theologically determines how we understand our children and therefore, how we will parent them wisely through their different seasons and stages of their life.

Elizabeth Smith, God Never Changes...But My Family Always Does Tweet

2021 Advent Guide

You can check out my latest reflection on Advent, as well as downloading a free 2021 Advent Reading Guide at Share via: Facebook LinkedIn

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Upcoming Course

What if we are living aspects of our lives as if God doesn’t exist? Have we adopted ways of seeing the world that press us

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Nine New Reflections

I had the pleasure of writing up a companion piece for Pastor Erwin Lutzer’s We Will Not Be Silenced recently. The quote above is taken

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